11pcs Home Sushi Maker ProKit® - SAVE 50% TODAY

$180.00 $29.98

Eat Your FAVORITE Sushi WHENEVER You Like With This Home Sushi Kit!

You either LOVE sushi or you don't, If you're here you LOVE it like us!
Would you like to make your FAVORITE sushi dishes WHENEVER you liked?

Well look no further this Home Sushi Maker ProKit® set is all you NEED!

EASY to use and PERFECT for BEGINNERS to PRO's. Make GREAT tasting sushi WITHOUT it being COMPLICATED

 Made from FDA CERTIFIED & BPA FREE material. Make COOL shaped sushi such as a LOVE HEART or even STARS!

SAVE money and have FUN making sushi at HOME. Once finished simply stick it ALL in the DISHWASHER! 

Oh and guess what? SAVE 50% TODAY ONLY. 

LIMITED STOCK - Only 50 Units Available
May take 15-30 days to arrive due to high demand.


    Package includes:

    • 1 x 11pcs Home Sushi Maker ProKit®

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