Dog Bath Treater - SAVE 50% TODAY

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WASH Your Dog WITHOUT The Added Stress & Panic. Clean Dog = Happy You!

TIRED of the battle you have to wash your dog?
Well look no further this DOG BATH TREATER is just what you NEED!

We know how STRESSFUL it can can when your dog doesn't want to get it's wash. It's a BATTLE right? Well this SOLVES everything.

This device distracts your dog by giving them a treat so you can wash your dog EASILY & QUICKLY without having go through the trouble.

SIMPLY smear peanut butter onto the treater, stick it on your wall and watch them ENJOY a RELAXING bathtime. You can even FREEZE the treater to extend the amount of time it takes lick it off.

It also HELPS relive the STRESS and ANXIETY your dog has while bathing. The little added nips help CLEAN your dogs tongue and clears BACTERIA

Oh and guess what? SAVE 50% TODAY ONLY. 

LIMITED STOCK - Only 50 Units Available
May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand.


    Package includes:

    • 1 x Dog Bath Treater

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